Grapes Covering

Agricultural film plastic is agricultural plastic covering made of distinguished synthesis from best kinds of polyethylene with the latest additions discovered recently through researches . This agricultural plastic covering is used in grapes covering in different sizes from 3 metre to 3.5 metre wide and 120 micron thick .Advantages of Grapes covering is one of the most important modern ways followed to produce the best grapes for exporting especially seedless kinds . Grapevine Covering helps earliness of fruit ripeness comparing with uncovered grapes . Not only grapevine covering leads to early ripeness but also reduces damage or harm which may catch the grapes bunches consequently you have a better quality crop.

  • About us

    Al Quds Corporation For Plastic was established in 2002 in Al Sadat city aiming to produce and manufacture agriculture film which includes ..

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  • Our vision

    We are looking forward to being one of the leading and giant companies in Egypt to produce and export agricultural plastic supplies.

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  • Our message

    Our company is one of the most leading companies which produce and manufacture all types of plastic specially agricultural ones.

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