Tunnel Film

Plastic covers for low tunnel film produced from low density polyethylene . The film has excellent mechanical properties for resistance wind . It is equivalent to curved shape as a half circular to be more suitable for receiving the sun rays.
Advantages of plastic covers for low tunnel :
1 - Protection of the shoot system against erosion factors caused by sands in sandy atmospheres . 
2 - Film protects growing of plants against different conditions of weather . 
3 - Increase the reat of maturation of harvest with high quality product and high commercial value . 
4 - Decrease using the agricultural pesticides . 
5 - Decrease losing water to minimum rate comparison with uncovered agriculture . 
6 - It is characterized by simplicity application and littleness cost comparison with green house film . 
7 - Increasing the efficiency of irrigation by controlling evaporation and maintaining suitable humidity level  
     surrounding  the plant . 
8 - The high transparency of the film results in good quality crops due to good photosynthesis process as a 
      result of high transparency of light . 
9 - Protection of plants against cold waves and creating a suitable environment for plant growth .

 Agricultureal tunnel rolls with width of 220 cm                           

Thickness Meter / Ton Kg / Faddan Faddan / Ton
80 micron 6000 meter 270 kg 2.75 faddan
70 micron 7000 meter 315 kg 3.25 faddan
60 micron 8150 meter 270 kg 3.70 faddan
50 micron 9800 meter 225 kg 4.45 faddan
40 micron 12250 meter 180 kg 5.60 faddan

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