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Al-Quds For Plastic has been gradually growing since 2002 until it became a remarkable pioneer company in the polyethylene film industry for both agricultural and industrial purposes. All that was about the significant trust and demand shown by our customers. Consequently, according to our development plan, we decided to provide the market with polypropylene cast film products with new competitiveness concepts to create another new story of excellence.

About Us Over these past few years, Al-Quds for Plastic has managed to strengthen its leading position to be at the forefront of the international plastic film industry. Alhamdulillah, our international trade success came into being mainly from another success story in the domestic market with a great track record of delivering a high level of 5-layer agricultural plastic film as well as the latest Cast Polypropylene 5-layer products with its applications, the matter which maximized our production capacity and expand our distribution networks around the world. This broad and efficient industrial base allows us to deliver high-quality products with the strictest standards to guarantee high performance and meet the special requirements of our clients and partners.

About Us Our customers pan the world and we have built a strong bond of trust that on which we are keen and deal with as our main capital. For that, we keep our credibility and honesty prior to anything else.

The quality of our products is the essence of this credibility, so every product is submitted to different quality assurance tests before being dispatched from our warehouses, this is with our constant effort to avoid any deviation in product quality, but we accept responsibility for any error in the manufacturing process without twisting, evading, or procrastinating.

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