Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

Strong Reputation

Al-Quds For Plastic has peaked at a notable rank in the Egyptian market since its launching in 2002 with franchising growth and exportation throughout many countries in three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Being committed to honest business ethics, which was planted by the late founder Haj Shaaban, has reinforced our customers' growing satisfaction and tangible confidence. Al-Quds also has always maintained a long and distinguished rapport with its suppliers, which enabled us to remain one of Egypt's leading companies; and to export exceptional high-quality products globally.
The main pillars of Al-Quds’ management to build its strategy are the quality of its products, the competitive prices and the well-known authentication of its brand trade mark. The management of Al-Quds also firmly believes that selling high-quality products at competitive Advantages 

Product Attribute Differentiation

Being distinguished in the market with remarkable product features is not a walk in the park, so since our early commence, we realized that we must build things worth noticing by. Research and profound deep market studies were conducted to come up with innovative and unique products for our local market and later for the international market. It was one of our best experiences to manufacture exceptional products to help penetrate the market, whereas other competitors in were leading the market. However. For that, we managed to provide added value to the end-user of our products in many different ways as in new solutions, quality, or prices. In addition to our social responsibility in spreading plastic industry awareness through educational seminars and having a strong rapport with the best consultants in the field.

Market Experience

The accumulated experience and extensive knowledge of our target markets for Al-Quds and its entire team, which lasted years full of challenges, allowed it to have a deep understanding of both local and global plastic supply and demand with its various purposes. Most of all, we uphold full law familiarity for each region in the world with the requirements needed to comply with the changing terms & conditions to preserve the environment, protect consumers and costs saving. This enabled us to gain multiple experiences to offer the best solutions for each case at very competitive prices for both local and international markets.

Management and staff experience

We do employ a highly experienced management team with extensive knowledge in all departments. The management team places a high value on the human cadre that completes their work with effectiveness and professionalism. Instilling a culture of work enthusiasm and love also ensures that our products are delivered on time with no delays, which subsequently improves our relationships with both customers and suppliers. Finally, the excellence of Al-Quds’ staff helped entirely in making a qualitative leap in the performance of our company all over its activities.

Relationship with clients

Al-Quds has a long-term relationship with its clients. The management's success in building and developing hundreds of affiliations is apparent in the fact that the largest share of Al-Quds' revenue, is coming from repeat sales and regular customers. Therefore, this matter reflects the trust of many important and VIP customers in both local and global markets, keeping our company always one of their authorized suppliers Competitive Advantages

Securing stock availability

The ability to secure sufficient financial resources in Al-Quds enabled us to secure a continuous stock flow at all times. This ability has led to a perfect and diversified product list. For that, the company is always able to ship bulk orders directly to any place in the world at any time.