Our Products

Cast Polypropylene Products "CPP"

With smart plastic film technology, Al-Quds for Plastic occupies one of the top peaks in the industry, since we realized from the early beginning that combining our commercial experience with the continuous research and case studies conducted by the finest scientists and experts of the field. 

To complete our success story and achieve our vision, a new chapter has begun, by launching a new production line which produces Cast Polypropylene Films (abbreviation: CPP) products for both local and international markets. This product combines the most recent 5-layer co-extrusion technology from WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER in Germany with the best Egyptian manufacturing expertise in CPP Film.

Agriculture Plastic Products

Al-Quds Agri-plastic’s business model is to transition our revenues to a Future Technologies portfolio over the next 3-5 years, but in the meantime, we don’t think anyone would question that we lead the world in the know-how of the crop-specific plastic film. 

Our technical knowledge and applied research base, which are probably a decade or more ahead of any competitor globally.

Our brand familiarity in many countries and our strategy for developing a technical, crop-specific product range are unrivalled and unique.

Polyethylene Packaging

Shrink Wrapping Film

Shrink wrap or shrink film is a type of polymer plastic film. Heat causes it to shrink tightly over whatever it is covering. Heat can be applied using a handheld heat gun (electric or gas), or the product and film can be passed through a conveyor-mounted heat tunnel.

Our collection includes rolls and bags of various sizes (different lengths and widths). Made of low-density polyethylene, it is used for shrink-packing mineral water, soda bottles, juices and dairy products, and other food cans.

Shopping Bags HDPE & LDPE

HDPE Plastic Bags have a high-resistance plastic material, making them the preferred choice for plastic, trash, laundry, and grocery bags, among other uses.

Its extreme impact strength ensures that goods are protected on the inside and makes it suitable for a variety of industries.