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 Al-Quds Agri-plastic’s Agricultuer Products business model is to transition our revenues to a Future Technologies portfolio over the next 3-5 years, but in the meantime, we don’t think anyone would question that we lead the world in the know-how of the crop-specific plastic film. Our technical knowledge and applied research base, which are probably a decade or more ahead of any competitor globally, our brand familiarity in many countries and our strategy for developing a technical, crop-specific product range are unrivalled and unique.

We aim at developing highly innovative crop cover technologies for growers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond. With nearly 15 years of scientific and commercial experience in the biology of how crop plants respond to a specific wavelength of light through particular designed light specifications for specific crops. Our work with growers around the world has shown that when a cover product is designed perfectly for the crop being grown yields can be increased, harvest times brought forward earlier, and growing seasons extended with high crop quality guaranteed. Depending on the crop, our uniquely designed covers didn’t only prove that they can deliver hardier and tastier crops with improved visual coloration, texture and salability but also increased the crops’ shelf-life.  

Agricultuer Products We, at Al-Quds, pride ourselves on being one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural plastics. Our products are designed specifically to meet the exacting needs of end-users which could’ve been successfully achieved after spending long times on farms with growers across the region and understanding the opportunities they seek and the challenges they face. We are happy to do that at new destinations on the earth. With our continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technologies 5-layer extruder German machine and an ongoing commitment, our R&D department ensures that our products are manufactured well above the highest industry standards


Why Al Quds for Plastic?

Technical Support

We’re doing our highest and continuous up-to-date technical support in order to provide our customers with the best ever solution for their demands to match perfectly with any climate, any crop, at any region.


Al-Quds’ strategy concentrates on the highest technology and the latest innovative plastic machines with the strictest quality standards.


We design plastic covers with sustainable and eco-friendly features to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Flexibility of requirements in manufacturing that suits your crop and location needs.

After Sale Service

High level of after-sale service and handling of customers’ feedback.

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