Quality Policy Statment

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Al-Quds' Quality Policy Statement

The founders of Al-Quds’ Quality Policy Statement, since their early start in the Egyptian Market, kept aspiring to this organization with a business spirit centralized mainly on maintaining the satisfaction of every customer gets our products into his dear place.

Indeed, this end goal is a bridge too far to reach because of the increase in the competitive strength in both the Egyptian and global markets represented in the huge competition in prices, technology, to innovation. Therefore, Al-Quds has set out a rigid policy which enables its products to meet people’s preferences and choices by differentiating Al-Quds’ Quality Policy Statement and improving customer experience and satisfaction to the extent that makes the company itself loyal to its customer through real business deals and relationships.

     At Al-Quds, we are dedicated to meeting the customer needs and expectations to achieve the highest degree of Customer satisfaction, through an outstanding service experience that keeps Al-Quds’ brand always in their memory. 

Our customer satisfaction degree is the main job done by Al-Quds’ analysis specialists who measure continuously the extent of this satisfaction through several surveys and internet analytics. 

For that, rest assured that you will not be left alone with any defects you might face in any of our products because of our skilled team whose main job is as below:

  • 1- Conducting continuous ‘’HELP US TO IMPROVE” surveys.
  • 2- Ensuring the “Follow-Ups” through the after-sale service is done by Al-Quds’ customer care.
  • 3- Ensuring a consistent strategy of Laser-focused on the customer’s needs to be best delivered.
  • 4- Studying personal preferences and desires which are rising from new demands and taste trends which are always changing in line with the changing life.

Laboratory Quality Tests