Cast Polypropylene Products (“CPP”)

Introduction to Al-Quds Cast Polypropylene

  • Cast Polypropylene : 
  • Cast Polypropylene With smart plastic film technology, Al-Quds for Plastic occupies one of the top peaks in the industry, since we realized from the early beginning that combining our commercial experience with the continuous research and case studies conducted by the finest scientists and experts of the field.
  • To complete our success story and achieve our vision, A new chapter has begun,
    Cast Polypropylene By launching a new production line which produces
    Cast Polypropylene Films Products “abbreviation: cast polypropylene products” For both local and international markets. 
  • Cast polypropylene is used in a wide variety of food packaging applications, such as bags, wraps, and containers Al-Quds Cast Polypropylene

Core Values

  • Cast Polypropylene
  • This product combines the most recent 5-layer co-extrusion technology from WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER in Germany with the best Egyptian manufacturing expertise in Cast Polypropylene Films Products . 
  • Since our business belief revolves around our customer’s concerns, our R&D department has conducted profound surveys to determine the CPP end-user’s expectations and exact needs through direct visits and contacts.
  • Based on these studies, several intensive tests and analyses have taken place -in our laboratory and other European scientific labs- to ensure producing detailed technical specifications targeted by the international ones.
  • Our CPP films are ISO 9000 certified and safe for food contact. 
  • As more “ready-to-eat foods” enter the market, there is a growing demand for CPP, particularly if those products are made using the retort process, because CPP is a critical component in the structure of these laminated packages.
  • ο  Our newest CPP film has an “easy tear” feature that is not typically found in CPP films.
    ο  This special film enables converters to create retort pouches that are much easier for consumers to open.
    ο  For many years, has been selling CPP films to the stationery and packaging markets. 
    ο  We can provide converters with customized formulations that tailor the film to the specific needs of the applications.

Al-Quds CPP Product Features

Stiffness: High (homopolymer) , soft (co-polymers), medium stiffness.

Puncture Resistance:
Some grades have increased resistance.

Some grades have haze levels as low as 2%.

Can be modified to be either high slip or low slip.

Sealant Layers:
One or two sides, depending on the grade.

Low Seal Initiation Temperature: Available on certain grades.

Corona Treatment: one side, both sides, or none.

Available in 3"
or 6" cores.

Packaging: Horizontal or vertical packaging; small rolls can be boxed as needed.

Widths range from 400 mm to 2600mm.

Al-Quds CPP Film Characteristics:

Excellent tensile strength, impact resistance, and puncture resistance.

Excellent odor and gas barrier properties (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide).

Excellent packaging integrity at extreme temperatures and high heat resistance.

With low haze, it has excellent transparency, gloss, and printing performance.

Excellent oil, fat, and chemical solvent resistance.

Excellent toughness and cracking resistance.

Excellent coefficient friction value.

Thermal or ultrasonically sealed films are available.

specific Low weight and high yield per unit area.

High water vapor permeability.

Customizable for unique applications.

Applications of Cast Polypropylene Film:

  • Al-Quds Cast Polypropylene The CPP market has expanded in recent years due to its more appealing appearance than standard polyethylene.
    Metalized and General CPP films are the two leading types of CPP films used in the market. 
    CPP is available in different types including twist wrap “hot and cold applications”, lamination and multiple applications depending on its end use.
    Al-Quds offers a wide variety of Cast Polypropylene Films, serving many industries including food and non-food goods.
  • Eventually, we are proud to confirm our readiness to provide a wide range of products of a world-class capacity and competitive postures.
    Once after purchasing, we provide close follow-ups to our customers to get all of their feedback before and after using the product to value and considerate them, this happens through regular calls and visits to assess the quality and efficiency of our products.