Since its establishment in 2002, Al-Quds for Plastics has been at the forefront of the agricultural plastic production with a high-quality range of products includes Grape Coverage Rolls, Agricultural Tunnels, Mulch Film, Banana Protection Bags, and Seeding Bags. And we are also producing plastic bags and rolls for automatic shrink wrapping and packaging both plain and with prints up to 6 colors.


To be one of the globally leading and preferred companies  in the  agricultural plastic supplies world.


To be placed amongst the world’s most competitive companies in the field of plastic and to contribute to the development of our country’s economy.



Low Tunnel Films

Plastic covers for low tunnel film are usually made of low-density polyethylene. Such covers help in maintaining the carbon dioxide around the plants so that to help enhancing the photosynthesis activities of the plant. The covers come in the shape of half circle in order to be able to receive the necessary sunrays.


Mulch Film

Using polyethylene in agriculture enhances plant growth and increases the c¬rops. Mulching is one of the methods by which plants are cultivated, where polyethylene is placed on the ground with plant protruding out of it through halls. If you need to grow a healthy crop in large amounts, you will definitely need Mulch Film due to its numerous advantages.

Grapes Covering

Considered one of the most effective methods to grow grapes, particularly seedless grapes.

Banana Preservation Bags

We offer you the best preservation bags for Bananas.

Seedling Bags

Special polyethylene black bags used to keep seedlings until moving them to implant location.

Bags & Rolls

These poly bags on rolls are perfect for packaging small to big items for added protection.

Our Clients

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