Banana Covers

Banana Covers

Banana is a tropical/subtropical plant best suited to warm, frost-free and coastal climates. Day and night temperatures are important factors in successful banana production. High temperature and bright sunshine result in sunburn and heat injury of exposed banana fruits, especially on the top of the bunch. By using our unique Banana Covers, you will be able to deliver the best quality, uniformity, and production while reducing the severity of black leaf streak the most banana leaf disease. These covers can also regulate crop temperature, reduce fruit sunburn, and modify the light environment to ensure a truly spectacular crop.

The results are quite simply stunning : 
1- Superb Day/Night Temperature Control.
2- Reduction of Diseases and Infections.
3- Improvement of Fruit Uniformity.
4- Higher Bunch Yield Production.
5- Reduction of Fruit Sunburn.

Banana Protection Bags

Banana Bunch covering is a centuries-old practice, and now covers are widely used in banana cultivation to protect bananas from winter chilling and improve fruit quality. Although several colors produced excellent results, the banana industry has long relied on blue. Blue, green, yellow, and clear, with and without silver sides, have been used in recent years. The various colors are used to estimate bunch maturity, and the silver sides reduce sunburn.

The results are quite simply stunning : 
1- Protection from mechanical damage while the fruit is hanging in the plantation and being transported to the shed.
2- Some growers have discovered that extra-long bunch covers.
3- Aid in preventing flying foxes and birds from climbing into bunches.
4- Increased yield, particularly of higher-quality fruit.
5- More uniform fullness of fruit within the bunch.