Flower Sleeve Film

Flower Sleeve Film


CPP FILM || QCPAF\2HS,it is a Co-Extruded Cast Poly Propylene film, grade with anti-fog coating that delivers high seal ability with an optimal balance of transparency, rigidity, slip level and tear resistance.
This coating presents good moisture barrier and prevents the buildup of mist on the inner face of the film.
Therefore, the package will remain clear in order to display your product.



Flower Sleeve Film are made of top-quality crystal-clear Cast Polypropylene which compliments your flowers with a clear and shiny look and a smooth touch.
Our Flower Sleeve Film are either smooth or printed to improve air circulation around the flower.
They are also made to fit a variety of cut flower sizes, from a single rose to a large bouquet.
Furthermore, sleeves have good features and benefits such as optical clarity, optimized static properties, excellent mechanical properties, and printability.


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