Greenhouses & Low Tunnels Covers

Greenhouses & Low Tunnels Covers After twenty-year experience in the production of agricultural plastic films and the associated cutting-edge technology investments,

Al-Quds supplies a large variety list of PE agricultural plastic products. 

Our 5-layer co-extrusion machines enabled us to produce unrivalled quality greenhouse films with uncompromised quality that can withstand extreme conditions.

Greenhouses & Low Tunnels Covers This new line produces films with widths ranging from 0.5 m to 16 m and varied thicknesses from 30 mics. to 250 mics.

Cut Flowers Covers

Each cut flower crop is distinctive.

It is necessary to keep this in mind when selecting crop cover.

Producing the highest quality cut flowers entails providing unrivalled visual quality, the highest possible stem weight, and the longest possible shelf-life.

Baby Leaf Salads Covers

Baby Leaf Salads Covers We design a cover that would improve the mechanical properties of baby leaf salads, allowing them to withstand the wash cycle and ensure a more uniform crop.

We could also design a cover for the growers that would dramatically improve the visual qualities of their crop, producing sumptuous deep colors.

Baby Leaf Salads Covers The taste would be improved in a variety of baby leaf salads, and shell life could even be extended. Using our unique cover with extended properties that are fine-tuned for your crop and exactly where you’re growing It.

Banana Covers

Banana is a tropical/subtropical plant best suited to warm, frost-free and coastal climates.

Day and night temperatures are important factors in successful banana production.

Banana Covers High temperature and bright sunshine result in sunburn and heat injury of exposed banana
fruits, especially on the top of the bunch.

By using our unique Banana Covers, you will be able to deliver the best quality, uniformity,
and production while reducing the severity of black leaf streak the most banana leaf disease.

These covers can also regulate crop temperature, reduce fruit sunburn, and modify the light
environment to ensure a truly spectacular crop.

Flower Sleeve Film

CPP FILM || QCPAF\2HS,it is a Co-Extruded Cast Poly Propylene film, grade with anti-fog coating that delivers high seal ability with an optimal balance of transparency, rigidity, slip level and tear resistance.
This coating presents good moisture barrier and prevents the buildup of mist on the inner face of the film.
Therefore, the package will remain clear in order to display your product.

Bread and Pastry Packaging Film

CPP FILM || QCP\2HS, it is a Co-Extruded Cast Poly Propylene film grade
with One side corona treated & both side heat sealable.

Lamination Film One Side

CPP FILM || QCPHS, it is a Co-Extruded Cast Poly Propylene film
one side treated other side heat sealable that delivers an excellent
balance of physical properties

Cucumber Covers

Cucumber Covers These covers can create the best environment and modify the light entering the greenhouses or tunnels in just the right way to ensure the best cucumber crop production.

With our cucumber covers and our unique experience growing cucumber crops for R&D and commercial farms, it’s time to start a new chapter in the way you grow cucumbers.

So, if you’re growing cucumbers, let us talk about designing your covers to ensure a truly spectacular crop.

Grape Covers

Grape Covers Coverscultivation is a lifelong passion that draws on generations of local knowledge.

However, because the world is changing faster than ever before, an increasing number of growers are opting to cover their crops.

For over a decade, we have worked to better understand how to cover grape crops to protect them from an increasingly unpredictable environment

Peppers Covers

This cover produces greater quality and hardier seedlings with the ideal balance of roots and shoots to drive mature crop growth. Our unique film provides earlier fruit set and development as well as an increase in average fruit weight. But that’s just the beginning. You can expect much more uniform fruit, an increase in fruit wall thickness, a much higher number of marketable class-A fruit, and even improved fruit shelf-life. If you’re growing peppers, let us talk about designing your covers to ensure a truly amazing crop.

Soft Fruits Covers

Soft Fruits Covers are some of the most difficult crops to design the perfect crop cover for, but we have it covered with research that is at least a decade ahead of the competition.

We then determine whether your cover should allow specific light into the greenhouse or tunnel, which can produce breathtaking coloration and taste.

Soft Fruits Covers Earlier picking, longer harvesting periods, a higher marketable class A fruit, and unrivalled quality control are just a few of the advantages of having a cover designed specifically for your soft fruit crops!

Tomato Covers

Tomato Covers We have been fascinated by tomatoes for years; it’s truly a marvelous crop to work on because so much is possible when you understand how different types of light can be used to genuinely improve yields and quality. Tomato Covers It took the combined efforts of some of the world’s most respected plant scientists and tomato growers from many different locations to accomplish this. We tested hundreds of crop cover designs until we found the perfect combination of properties to provide the ideal light environment for this remarkable fruit.